Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster

In 2001 whilst sitting on an airplane from London heading to Australia for a year’s backpacking trip, I wrote a list of things I wanted to experience, top of the list was to learn to scuba dive. I completed my PADI open water course in Exmouth, Western Australia, the sighting of a Whale shark during our last dive had me hooked. The moment was captured using a $12 disposable camera and I still have that picture on display in my home.

Opportunities enabled me to live in Perth for 6 years where I regularly dived and continued my dive education to instructor level. It was not until 2006 when I started planning a month long dive trip to Bali to hopefully see the Sunfish that I decided a digital underwater camera would be a great addition to my dive gear. 1192 images later the love of capturing some of the many weird and wonderful creatures and seascapes was truly established. The Olympus MJU 600 was to accompany me on many more dives.

Living the dream

In 2007 I moved from Perth to North Queensland to work full time as a dive instructor on the Great Barrier Reef and in particularly the wreck of the SS Yongala. Townsville became my home after a spell in Cairns working on board the live-aboard vessel “Taka”. The draw of the Yongala was too much and I would speed down from Cairns to dive the wreck on days off from diving the Cod Hole and Ospray reef on board Taka. The SS Yongala sank on the 23rd March 1911 with all 121 souls losing their lives. The wreck has become an oasis in the middle of a sandy desert and marine life has taken over.  Considered one of the world’s top dives, I have been fortunate to have dived the Yongala many hundreds of times.

Working on board the Adrenalin Dive vessels has allowed me great access too many of the stunning reefs off Townsville and the Yongala. In 2009 I upgraded my camera to a Canon G10; I have never used strobes but have used a torch for extra lighting at times.

During my years working for Adrenalin Dive I would use my photos during dive briefs and reef talks to enable divers and snorkelers a glimpse of what they may see at the Reef and Yongala. It was from people’s generous comments on the quality of images that I have started this website. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

by Daniel Webster