Encapsulating the Artsy Underwater Photograph

While my main focus has always been to capture underwater photos of marine life, I have always had a keen eye for encapsulating that elusive artsy underwater photograph.  Although I am on the water so often, it is not every day that you get absolutely pristine conditions with flat seas and clear blue skies.  On a day in early January of 2012, I found myself at Lodestone Reef, just out from Townsville, Queensland, in perfect sea conditions.  

Rolling over onto your back while diving, can give you such a different view of what you see when you look down into beautifully clear visibility from the surface.  I believe it is the only time you can ever really view the exact mirror image, from the other side.  What you are sometimes able to observe when you look up to the surface is a crystal clear blue sky, some fluffy white clouds and the sun shining down in all of its glory.  At least that’s what I was able to see on this particular day.

Attempting to capture an underwater photo of just what I was observing and have it be able to depict exactly how it was and made me felt was the challenge.  I took over a dozen underwater photos of this exact scene, moving as little as possible, until I was successful in capturing a stunning shot of the sky, as if I had taken it from above the water.  A shot like this takes time and patience to be able to capture, along with some skill and experience in knowing just when to click the image into eternal history.  You’ve got the bubbles from exhaled breath to work around, forcing you to find the exact right time and position to snap the shot.   I did capture a few good shots of bubbles making their way up into the heavens, but the photograph that is featured in this blog is my favourite.  I’ve shown it to friends of mine and I always get the same reaction.  “Where did you take this one Dan?  Were you laid on the boat taking pictures of the sky?”  And I’ve always got the same surprising response…”Took that one underwater, mate.”

When you realize just how and where this underwater photograph was taken, it makes it all the more exceptional.  Not only is it a stunning picture of the sky, but it was taken from under the water, making it that much more special. 

Encapsulating the artsy underwater photograph is no easy task, but it is one that I have and intend to continue trying to attain during my diving and underwater photography endeavours.

Underwater Sky, Digital Image

Digital Underwater Photograph of the Sky

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